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Estimating Concrete Jobs

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Concrete Estimate FAQs

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

There are many ways to estimate the cost of a concrete job. The least accurate of those ways is to multiply a flat “per square foot” cost by the number of square feet. This can be way off from the actual cost in both directions. To maintain the integrity of our estimating process We cannot give out an over the phone estimate. 

Another company gave me a quote over the phone, why can't you?

Concrete contractors that give you a price over the phone based only on the square footage are either too inexperienced to know that that is unwise or they are low balling the price to get their foot in the door, begin the project, and jack up the price halfway through. Or worse: to take half of your money upfront for “materials” and never call you again.

Part of what you are paying for when you hire professionals is their access to knowledge and experience. Not just the ability to mix and pour concrete. With an in-person estimate we can help you think of more ideas to solve the problem or suggest solutions that you didn’t get to hear about from the “over the phone” estimates.

How long does an in-person estimate take?

It depends on the scope of the project. You should expect to set aside at least an hour to with the estimator. 

What we are looking for when we are at the job site are the variables in a job that will affect the cost of labor and materials and the timeline of completeing the project. For example, you may want a pool deck removed. If there is enough room to bring in light equipment it will take a few hours. If there is a gate, or not enough room between the houses and it all has to be removed by hand, it will take all day. All those factors play into the total cost of your project that, we promise, you don’t want to be suprised with in the middle of the job.

I already have a quote from another company, will you beat their price?

Maybe. We strive to offer the best value possible to our clients.
Prive shopping is an important part of making an educated decision about who is going to install a permanent part of your home. We do encourage you to shop around and learn about the industry before making a decision. 
As a warning, be careful about suspiciously low prices and quotes over the phone. It is an unfortunate fact that many concrete contractors will purposely give you a low quote on an intentionlly vague scope of work that doesn’t include all parts of the job. When you get a quote for services and you are comparing quotes for services make sure they are in writing and they cover the complete scope of work. Don’t assume something is included in the quote just because you talked about it.