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Concrete or Stone Landscape Retaining Walls

If your outdoor living area has a dramatic elevation change it will limit the amount of usable space. By installing a concrete or stone retaining wall to separate that grade into two distinct areas you will maximize the area you already have. Dallas is subject to weather conditions that make erosion and other damage from drainage issues a problem and retaining wall are a practical and stylish way to prevent this. You may need a retaining wall to go along with a new fence, garden or flower bed which will inform the materials used to construct it. Wood, concrete, stone and brick have different properties to accomplish your landscaping goal whether it’s an affordable, rustic look or a modern contemporary feel. 

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Searching For A Concrete Company In Dallas, TX?

Concrete Kings is a full-service concrete contractor serving Dallas, Garland, Mesquite, Richardson, Plano and Frisco Texas.  We have been operating in the DFW market for years offering the best concrete services around. Our customers keep coming back to us with different types of projects because we offer a wide variety of products and services that keep up with what’s in style and work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge of new concrete technology. By using the highest quality raw materials, decades of experience working in Texas and the latest science and techniques Concrete Kings guarantees an exceptionally durable and sophisticated finished product. 



The first part of your home that people see. Choose from a variety of concrete types and stamped concrete options



The first part of your home that people see. Choose from a variety of concrete types and stamped concrete options



The first part of your home that people see. Choose from a variety of concrete types and stamped concrete options



The first part of your home that people see. Choose from a variety of concrete types and stamped concrete options

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Stamping concrete is a fabulous way to customize your driveway, This decorative concrete technique is done with rubber templates that imprint a design onto the surface of the concrete before it is completely dried. With the selection of design templates and the option to color the concrete with permanent pigment additives the number of combinations is staggering! After an experienced craftsman has used the rubber mats to imprint the selected pattern we can add saw cuts for decoration then seal the concrete for added durability. Most sealants for driveways cause them to be slippery so we don’t recommend this type of finish for a steep surface.


Outdoor Kitchen

​For entertaining large groups on special occasions to year-round everyday use. Your outdoor living space can be sleek and modern or laid back and rustic. 


Concrete Ramps

The first part of your home that people see. Choose from a variety of concrete types and stamped concrete options


Concrete Stairs

The first part of your home that people see. Choose from a variety of concrete types and stamped concrete options

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The Concrete King Team

If you are searching for concrete contractors for any projects in the Dallas Fort Worth area you have found the right team! We provide 100% custom solutions for every concrete, stone and masonry job. Concrete kings is fully equipped to handle jobs ranging in complexity from a stand-alone stone mailbox to specially designed ramps to fit your needs.  Our crews work year round so you don’t have to wait for the peak season to come to begin working on your concrete project. Having a team of professionals working on your driveway, patio, walkway or outdoor kitchen is critical in avoiding costly mistakes. Patience and experience are key in creating beautiful and lasting concrete structures in both indoor and outdoor conditions. 

When you call Concrete Kings of Dallas you will get a no pressure, no obligation, consultation on your project. Since we have been working with other vendors and suppliers in Dallas for over 20 years we are not only able to give you the most cost effective estimate, we will be able to guide you through the process step-by-step from planning and assessment to the pouring, finishing and after care. 

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My driveway was so damaged I didn’t know what to do. Concrete King took care of the entire process of removing the old and pouring the new. Couldn’t be happier!

James K.

Dallas, Texas

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We finally found our dream home but the backyard was a little sparse and we hardly used it. Now that we have an outdoor fireplace my wife and I find ourselves out there all the time.

Germaine L.

Mesquite, Texas

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When I bought a shed from a home improvement store they were able to pour a slab for it within the week. Thank you!

Alexjandro H.

Garland, Texas

Hire Concrete Kings For Your Next Project!

Concrete King, serving all of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is your complete concrete contractor. From materials and scheduling to the very last finishing detail we will act as your partner every step of the way. When it’s time to get your concrete or cement renovation project done right the first time give us a call or email anytime for a no obligation, onsite quote from a qualified, experienced professional. We have representatives standing by 24/7 to handle any request in Dallas, Garland, Frisco, Mesquite or Plano, Texas.  If you are curious about your options or just feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start in the world of concrete get in contact with Concrete King in Dallas and you’ll be treated like royalty!

A Full-Service Concrete Construction Company In Dallas, Texas

We offer a wide range of  residential and commercial concrete construction services to our clients in Dallas and the surrounding cities. Adding features to an existing structure is a large part of our business. Since 2006 it has been our goal to continue to grow and develop our crew to be able to offer our clients in the DFW new construction services as well. This includes preparing and pouring new foundations and architectural walls. We have recently expanded our portfolio to include basement slabs and custom drains. New construction jobs require a keen eye for detail making sure that the new structure is unique while fitting into the neighborhood. 

As the premier concrete contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area we offer a wide variety of services to meet any needs brought to us. Concrete Kings has all the necessary crew and equipment needed to accomplish all the above services in a timely and efficient manner. Because we don’t need to sub-contract any of the work we do for you we have complete control of the construction process from start to finish. This way we can ensure the cleanliness and safety of the job site and guarantee the quality of all work performed. We care about the outcome of your projects and also happily assist in the long term care and maintenance of your concrete structures. 

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